Iowans that plan to do any traveling later today are being warned to watch out for slick roads. National Weather Service Meteorologist Miles Schumacher says mixed precipitation will be falling across the state.

“It may start out as a period of mixed freezing rain, sleet and snow briefly before it changes over to all snow,” Schumacher said. “That would be for the early part of the afternoon in the north and across the southeast part of the state during the latter part of the afternoon, but it should turn over to light snow by tonight.”

Most of the state will only receive one to two inches of snow, although three to fives inches is forecast for portions of northeast and east-central Iowa where a Winter Weather Advisory is in place. The commute home this evening could be dangerous, especially on less traveled roads that are left untreated.

“After sunset, it’ll probably get pretty slick,” Schumacher said. The next chance for more snowfall, around two to four inches, is expected Sunday night into Monday. Schumacher says bitterly cold conditions should arrive next Tuesday through Friday.

“We’re looking at temperatures below zero for lows across most of the state and high temperatures will be in the single digits, perhaps even colder, for Wednesday and Thursday,” Schumacher said.

The Department of Transportation’s 5-1-1 website gives the latest road conditions.