State conservation officials have arrested four Edgewood men for allegedly driving snowmobiles over coyotes in Clayton and Delaware counties in northeast Iowa.

Fourty-four-year-old Curt Boeckenstedt, 40-year-old Doug Wegmann, 36-year-old Dennis Wegmann and 44-year-old Joe Rhines are accused of the crime. The DNR says the four men spread out and flushed the coyotes from fields and sloughs, then ran them over, leaving the coyotes behind injured or dead. They’ve been charged with illegally hunting from a vehicle.

Dennis Wegmann and Joe Rhines have paid fines in connection with the charges. The DNR says Curt Boeckenstedt and Doug Wegmann will have a court date set in March.

A Clayton County conservation officer says the men did it "just for the thrill." DNR officials say sportsmen initially reported the activity because of legal and ethical concerns.