The city of Cedar Falls will be in the national spotlight Thursday morning. ABC’s Good Morning America news program will be doing live cut-ins from downtown Cedar Falls during the show.

Carissa Scarin, with the Cedar Falls Tourism and Visitor’s Bureau, says a production team from New York is meeting with city officials today to discuss the content to be featured during the show. "We’re looking at maybe doing a celebration one year after the floods, how we bounced back from that and how Cedar Falls really embraces the river for our celebrations and our entertainment," Scarin said. According to information posted on the city’s Facebook page, ABC is planning to air four separate features on the city during the three-hour show.

The national exposure comes 13 months after all the major national news outlets showed Cedar Falls residents fighting to save the city’s Main Street businesses during last year’s historic flood. "Bouncing back from the negative effects of the flood…it’s great that they’re going to come back and do a positive story," Scarin said. "We’re going to try and focus on our trails, with the Trails Festival coming up in August. Hopefully, we can get some national exposure and get people to come visit us and see how great Cedar Falls is." Good Morning America airs from 6 to 9 a.m.