The Iowa Department of Transportation has a new map out for bicyclists. D.O.T. spokesperson Kathy Ridnour  says this map is out sooner than normal. Ridnour says the map is usually put out every three years, but this map was put out to update the 2008 edition and include the new four-foot paved shoulders and additional bike trails that have been completed.

Ridnour says the map is a safety tool for bicyclists. She says bicyclists can choose routes based on the traffic on roadways and it identifies the bike trails across the state, and includes inset maps of the 16 largest cities.

Ridnour says the map is available on-line at , or by calling 515-242-4705 or toll-free at 800-345-4692. Ridnour says all the planned construction activity could lead to a revised map for 2010.

Ridnour says there are several trail projects underway using stimulus money, so there’s a possibility the map would need to be updated again. Ridnour says the map also includes safety tips for bikers along with the maps.