The wife of a Cedar Rapids police officer who was seriously injured in last March while responding to a robbery talked Thursdayabout the surprise plea agreement from the teen accused of the assault. Officer Tim Davis was responding to a robbery when 18-year old Jose Rockiett assaulted him causing serious brain injuries.

Rockiett will serve a maximum sentence of 25 years for the robbery, causing willful harm, and interference with official acts. Officer Davis’ wife, Stephanie, read a brief statement.

“We are satisfied with the plea agreement,” Mrs. Davis says. “Although this portion of our lives is over, we still have many things to face in the future.” Officer Davis underwent brain surgery and continues to recover. Police Chief Greg Graham says Davis is working at the department now about six hours a day.

“He’s helping us with investigative work, desk work,” Chief Graham says. “The police department is participating in his rehabilitation to try to get him back up to where he can be here full time.” Rockiett’s trial was supposed to begin next month in Burlington but he will instead be sentenced on March 19th.