The Consumer Products Safety Commission has ordered a recall of one-million baby slings made by the company Infantino. The C.P.S.C. says the slings in question act more like a bag and make it difficult for some babies to breathe because the sling forces the baby’s chin against their chest. Tammy Bayer, who owns Birth, Baby and Beyond in Cedar Rapids, says baby slings are popular – but they should hold the infant upright. She provides demonstrations in her shop.

“With this little girl, she’s sleeping and I have my hands free and I could do the dishes or vacuuming. There are some carriers you could put on your side or back and could be cooking at the stove too,” Bayer said. The C-P-S-C says at least three infant deaths could be related to the Infantino slings. Leslie Kung of Cedar Rapids noticed problems with the sling after using one herself and complained to the company.

“I didn’t get a response,” Kung said. “The response is the government stepping in and saying you have to stop this.” Kung switched to other slings which hold the baby closer and tighter to the body. Bayer says moms she talks with rave about slings and their usefulness.

“Instead of your arms doing all the work, your baby is attached to your trunk and your body does the work, not just your arms,” Bayer said. The president of Infantino said his company is working with the commission on its sling concerns.

By Justin Foss, KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapids