New Iowa Department of Transportation road maps have been printed and will be available at the end of this month. The D.O.T.’s Mark Hanson says the 2010 edition of the map included about 200 updates.

“There were no towns added or deleted this year…mostly minor changes to street name changing to corporate limits of a city changing, things like that,” Hanson said. Two new hospitals were added to the map – both in West Des Moines. Despite the popularity of G-P-S systems, Hanson says many drivers still want to keep a folded map in the glove box.

“While the navigation units do have their functionality going down the roadway, it’s beneficial to people for trip planning to have the ability to open up that transportation map and look at their entire route in detail,” Hanson said. Around $1.5 million Iowa D.O.T. road maps have been printed. They’ll be available for free at rest areas, welcome centers and drivers license stations.