Sioux City officials are still trying to find the person who drove a nail through the head of a cat found in the back yard of a Sioux City residence. The calico cat was turned into Sioux City Animal Control after someone reported it had been living under their car for three days. Animal Control owner, Cindy Rarrat, says the cat dubbed “Amazing Grace” was taken for surgery to remove the nail.

Rarrat says she realized the cat needed immediate help and it was taken to the veterinarian who took an x-ray, stabilized her, and then did surgery to remove the nail. Rarrat says the cat spirit was great, and she was doing well after the surgery. The cat came out of the anesthesia and the vet said she was starting to eat and drink. Rarrat says they are waiting to see if there’s any eye damage from the nail.

Rarrat filed a report with Sioux City police, and hopes someone will be held accountable. She says it’s critical that the information is reported, because there is a correlation between cruelty to animals and cruelty to people. “If we’ve got somebody out there with a nail gun that’s doing things to animals, the whole community should be concerned, ’cause this is just a horrific act the owners need to be prosecuted for, and they will be,” Rarrat says.

Rarrat says three people have already come forward and offered to adopt the cat.

By Josie Cooper, KSCJ, Sioux City