An Iowa Business Council survey finds large employers in the state see what could be considered lift-off from the depths of the recession. The Iowa Business Council conducts a survey every quarter of the 20 corporations that are members of the group.

Ninety percent of the C.E.O.’s surveyed expect steady or increased business activity over the next six months. Eighty-five percent expect hiring to remain steady or grow in the last half of the year. In addition, 95% of the corporate leaders expect to see captial spending increase. In other words, their companies will buy more things.

Interstate Power and Light president Tom Aller is the president of the Iowa Business Council He says it appears companies of all sizes in Iowa are “beginning to adjust production levels and inventories in anticipation of increased business activity. The Iowa Business Council’s Economic Outlook index bottomed out in the first quarter of 2009.

The second quarter index which was released today  jumped eight points from the first quarter. See the complete report in the link below: