A Des Moines girl is in critical condition after being hit by a car and dragged Sunday in a city park. Witnesses tell Des Moines police 14-year-old Melissa Robinson was standing in the grass at Union Park when the speeding car ran through a stop sign and hit her.

Robinson was dragged 75 feet until the car hit a tree. The car’s driver was still seat-belted in when paramedics arrived. He’s identified as 45-year-old Joel Simpson of Des Moines. Simpson was injured and claims he can’t remember the accident. He was wanted for driving while barred and has at least four drunk driving convictions, though police say they do not believe alcohol was a factor in this incident.

In another central Iowa accident, one person was killed when two motorcycles, a semi and a car collided on Interstate 35 in West Des Moines on Sunday. Police say the motorcycles were merging onto the interstate when the accident happened. Investigators say one cycle collided with a car at the on-ramp.

The motorcyclist who was following laid his motorcycle on its side in an effort to avoid that collision, was thrown from his bike and hit by the semi — and killed. That motorcyclist is identified as 54-year-old Joel Hess of Des Moines. The other cyclist, 62-year-old Bill

Hyde of Des Moines, was taken to the hospital, but no condition report is being released. The motorist and the trucker weren’t hurt. No charges have been filed.