Wright County Sheriff Paul Schultz said some roads that were closed by flooding this morning have re-opened. Schultz says Highway three, approximately three miles west of Clarion will stay closed as the flooding was over the road in the area of a bridge, and it has to be inspected before it can be reopened. Schultz said homes across Clarion are experiencing flooded basements.

Schultz says there are at least three homes that had their basements collapse as their sump pumps weren’t running. “This is going to be an expensive storm,” Schultz said. The Wright County Supervisors issued a disaster declaration today (Wednesday). Schultz said residents who are in need of assistance may contact any of the city halls in Wright County or by contacting the Sheriff’s Office in Clarion.

He says they have forms at the sheriff’s office that people can fill out and declare their damages, and he says with the supervisors declaration of emergency, they can send the forms into the state and then on to FEMA for possible reimbursement. Eagle Grove experienced reports of tree branches down as a result of the storm. It is too early to say how much damage Wright County received as a result of this storm.

By Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City