Clean-up efforts continue today after a tornado caused significant damage in the Little Rock and Sibley areas of northwest Iowa Friday evening. Lyon County Emergency Management Coordinator, Wayne Jepsen, says rural areas near Little Rock received serious building and crop damage — but things are looking up.

He says they had a tremendous amount of volunteers that showed up Saturday and Sunday to help clean up the damage, and the operations have gone quite smoothly. Jepsen says most of the volunteer work is about over.

Jepsen says the recovery is about to the place where they don’t need any more volunteers and the contractors will now do the heavy work to clean up the rest. The tornado touched down west of Little Rock and moved east-southeast. It then strengthened, reaching its maximum strength of E-F-4 two miles southwest of Sibley.

By Matt Crosby, KQAD/KLQL, Luverne, Minnesota