Heavy rains in the Webster City and surrounding area sent the Boone River over its banks. Residents who live along the river had to move for higher ground as the river reached 17.9 feet last night. The river is beginning to recede with a measurement of 17.8 feet this morning.

The flood stage on the Boone is at 12 feet with the water to recede by mid-week. Sandbagging efforts were also underway in Webster City to prevent the water from spreading. Webster City’s Fuller Hall recreation center served as a shelter for those affected by the flooding with a few families spending last night.

A city campground, a recreational trail and the Hamilton County Speedway remain underwater due to the heavy rains. There are some streets in the community facing high water problems. Webster City measured four point 49 inches of rain this past weekend.

By Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City