A state investigation of the operations of a school cafeteria in a small district in Linn County has found over $55,000 worth of problems. The food service director at Springville Community Schools resigned on January 2nd of 2009.

The district asked the state auditor’s office to investigate and the review looked at records dating back to 2005. The report issued by the state auditor’s office identified undeposited cash payments from students and staff amounted to about 48-thousand dollars. In addition, auditors found the former food service director bought things like Hershey Kisses, M&Ms, cake pans and holiday plates. According to the state investigation, each of those purposes was for items “which appear personal in nature.”

The purchases amounted to more than $6,000 over the four year period and they were made in “small quantities” — which means the M&Ms weren’t purchased to serve as part of the meals for students. The report from the state auditor’s office has been forwarded to state and local law enforcement.