The cost of mailing a letter is expected to go up a few pennies next year. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, a Republican,  says the U.S. Postal Service is struggling as its mail volume drops, with losses projected of seven-billion dollars next year. Grassley says one suggestion continues to come up, that of cutting back mail delivery by one day a week.

Grassley says, “I would take a look at businesses that are dependent upon six-days mail delivery and whether or not doing away with Saturday delivery would have a negative impact on those businesses doing their business.”

 While some have suggested Saturday delivery be eliminated, Grassley say he’s also seen a study indicating the better day to cut would be Tuesday, at its mail volume is smallest. “The postal service is what the word service means, it’s a service,” Grassley says.

“It’s to serve the people and if we could get the same amount of service without doing damage to business that depends upon that service, than I think efficiencies ought to be made.” The Postal Service is requesting the price of first-class stamp rise by two cents starting in January, taking the price to 46 cents per letter.

Other price hikes for various postal services would also rise. The post office expects to handle 177-billion pieces of mail this year, down significantly from 213-billion pieces in 2006.