Governor Chet Culver says he hopes to unveil a new state program today that would provide state aide to Iowans at Lake Delhi and elsewhere who’ve been hit by flooding this summer.

“We’re looking at any options available here to help businesses and homeowners not only in the Lake Delhi area but in Delaware, Jones and Jackson County that have all been impacted by the catastrophic breach there,” Culver says.  “In addition we have 41 other counties across the state that are having flood-related challenges.” 

After floods hit many parts of Iowa in 2008, Culver and his staff created what was called the “JumpStart” program. About $40 million from state programs designed to promote business development, renewable energy and cultural attractions were redirected to JumpStart and JumpStart grants helped flooded-out Iowans make downpayments on new property or repair their damaged homes and businesses.    

“JumpStart worked in 2008 to assist homeowners and businesses as they waited on any additional federal help from agencies like FEMA, so we’re going to explore that option,” Culver says.

The governor says he has the authority to “tap” a broad range of state programs and cash reserves to find the money for flood victims.