The Iowa Department of Natural Resources began using a new on-line based system for registrations on Sunday. The D.N.R.’s Rich Smith says the new system will help improve the decals created for recreational vehicles.

Smith says they were able to sell the A-T-V renewals on the old system and the decals for registration. But he says many people told them the decals that were printed on deer tags tended to fade after being put on. Smith says the new system will use better decals.

The decals will have a barcode on them and when you get a new one, the retailer can scan it and print out a new more durable decal that will go on the side of your vehicle and not fade. Smith says the new system allows for more feedback between the state agency and retailers on these types of issue.

He says they weren’t able to send out many communications under the old system, but the new system allows them to send out a message to the retailer that they can read and sign off on. The new system is now in use for hunting and fishing licenses and other types of registration renewals through the D.N.R.