The Iowa Department on Aging is looking for Iowans who have a century or more of experience living in the state. Department spokesperson, Machelle Shaffer says its’ their annual search for centenarians to honor at their annual banquet. She says they are looking for any Iowan who’ll be 100 years of age by October 6th will qualify for the recognition.

Shaffer says the centenarians are invited to a luncheon. Shaffer says they’ll give each centenarian a certificate signed by the governor and they talk to them and get information about them and how they made it to 100. Shaffer says it’s something the department has done for many years and it’s a good time and a way to recognize those who’ve made it to the milestone age.

Shaffer says many Iowans live to see the 100-year mark. She says they currently have documented 646 Iowans aged 100 years and older, including 119 aged 105 and older. The oldest Iowan, to date, is 113 years old and lives in Johnston. Shaffer says Iowa does have an older population compared to other states.

Shaffer says Iowa is tied for second in states with the highest number of residents 85 and older based on population and Iowa is first for those 100 years and older. Shaffer says if you or a family or friend you know will turn 100 by October sixth, please call the Iowa Department on Aging at 515-725-3312 or 1-800-532-3213.