Women from Council Bluffs and across southwest Iowa are invited to an event today offering a host of free services from career and legal advice to make-up tips. Margo Parsow, director of career services for the Omaha YWCA, says they hope to empower women who need a hand to reach self sufficiency.

“We will be offering legal services consultations from one to four and we’re hoping to have somebody here in the morning,” Parsow says. “We will have a make-up artist here all day who will be providing make-up tips for the ladies.” Parsow says women sometimes feel they’re stuck in a bad situation because of legal issues.

“If women are in transition and have questions that need to be answered about situations they’re encountering, whether it be a divorce, financial matters, protection orders or custody hearings,” she says. “It will be consultative service for women to ask questions of the attorney.” Parsow says the “dress for success” portion of the event is always fun. With the help of individuals and many businesses, the YWCA can offer free career clothing to those who attend.

“Two people will be offering career advice and consultation on clothing,” she says. “We have our wonderful signature career closet that will be available to people who attend the event. They may select two outfits, a handbag, shoes and some accessories.” Parsow says they offer services year-round to help women in domestic violence situations, career services, counseling, preventive training education and nonviolence programs.

“This is all about empowerment and self sufficiency,” she says. “We are hoping this will empower women to feel better about themselves, do what they need to do to be self sufficient and move forward in a very successful manner.” This event runs from 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. at the YWCA Center at 222 South 29th Street in Omaha.

By Karla James