Former Iowa congressman Jim Nussle, who is now president of a coalition of ethanol producers and supporters, is speaking out in favor of the congressional plan to extend tax credits for ethanol. Nussle is president of Growth Energy, and says keeping the ethanol credit will help the economy.

Nussle says the national job numbers are still poor and there is no sign of any huge improvement on the horizon. He says studies show the ethanol industry has already created 400,000 jobs. Nussle says ethanol has helped bolster the economy.

Nussle says extending the ethanol tax credit provides certainty for investors in the industry and will help the industry to continue creating jobs. Nussle says the ethanol industry contributed 53-BILLION dollars to the nation’s G-D-P in 2009. He says it also generated over $8-billion in federal tax revenue. Nussle says Growth Energy hopes to see the ethanol credit extension approved.

Nussle says there’s no question it is an important investment in the country. Nussle, a Republican, served eight terms in congress, ran for governor in 2006, and also served the White House budget director under former President George W. Bush.