The dean of Iowa State University’s College of Agriculture is urging the governor-elect to find a middle ground on industry regulations. 

Branstad has indicated he’ll seek regulatory changes that provide livestock producers, grain processors, and other ag business more certainty about state rules.  I.S.U. College of Agriculture Dean Wendy Wintersteen says she agrees the state must address the barriers that discourage additional processing facilities in Iowa, but she says the state must protect its reputation at the same time.

“Our brand is invaluable and we’ve had some situations this year where we have had the brand damaged and I think it’s time in agriculture for all of us to stand up and say, ‘No longer will we allow bad actors, no longer will we allow the Iowa brand to be damaged,'” Wintersteen says. 

Wintersteen is referring to the salmonella outbreak and massive egg recall this summer involving two Iowa egg operations. 

Winersteen is also urging Branstad to ensure the state addresses water quality contamination caused by farm run-off before the federal government demands changes.  “It’s time for us to get serious about that…not to wait for the federal government to come in and tell us that we’re going to do it, but to do it in a voluntary fashion,” Wintersteen says.

Wintersteen spoke Thursday at an agriculture briefing for Governor-elect Branstad.