The new Iowa Lottery terminals that are now being installed across that state will include a “self checker” for tickets. Iowa Lottery spokesperson Mary Neubauer says the devices will help cut the wait in line for those who want to know if they have a winning ticket.

Customers can simply put the bar code of the ticket into the scanner and it will read the ticket and let them know if it is a winner.

She says the devices were just coming onto the market about 10 years ago when the lottery got new machines, and were too expensive at that time. Neubauer says they are very excited to have the self checkers now. The self checkers

New self checker scans lottery ticket.

are being installed along with the new lottery terminals, but they will not be fully operational until July.

Neubauer says the self-checkers will not be able to check all lottery products until a software switchover in July. Until then you will need to look at the top of your ticket and it have the phrase, “self check ticket” on it.

Neubauer says they hope to be able to switch over to the new software on July third. Once they make the software switch, you will be able to check all lottery products at the scanner.

Technicians are working now to install the new terminals at the 2,500 lottery outlets across the state.