The group called “Connect Iowa” says a survey on broadband access in the state shows 63% of Iowans subscribe to some type of broadband service. Connect Iowa program manager, Amy Kuhlers, says the majority of those who don’t have broadband,66%, are older Iowans.

Kuhler says the largest reason given for not having broadband access was they didn’t feel it was relevant and they didn’t need to have access. Other reasons for not having broadband included not having a way to access it.

She says 16% said they didn’t have a computer, 15% said security was an issue, and 10% said broadband was too complicated to figure out. Kuhler says seven percent simply said broadband was not available in their area. Kuhlers says they will use the survey results to address some of the connection issues.

Kuhlers says they are an outreach and education organization and want to work with communities to address the gaps they have with providing broadband access. Kuhlers says the top reason Iowans gave for using broadband is they realized it was worth the cost.

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