Republican Senator Chuck Grassley is questioning a federal agency’s decision to give a company called “LightSquared” the go-ahead for a new 4-G network that critics say may interfere with G.P.S. systems used by the military, emergency responders and pilots.

Grassley says the Federal Communications Commission is refusing to provide him with information about their decision. “You know what they right back to us? That they don’t have to answer only to the chairman of the Commerce Committee or Senator Rockefeller because I don’t have any jurisdiction over them, “Grassley says.

“…What they’re saying is 99.6% of the people elected to the United States Senate, they don’t have to answer to.” Grassley has used his power as a United States Senate to block considering of two people President Obama has nominated to serve on the F.C.C.

By Woody Gottburg, KSCJ, Sioux City