There were few problems reported from protesters during the Iowa Caucuses.

A protester was detained outside the ballroom at Mitt Romney’s gathering after demanding to speak with the candidate and calling him part of the “one percent”. She was ordered to leave by the hotel manager.

“I believe that it’s time for people to stand up and fight for the kind of country they want to believe in,” she said. The hotel manager asked: “Do you see the police in front of you now?” She replied: “Yes, I’ve seen the police all week, sir.”

A group of Occupy Wall Street protesters launched an “Occupy the Caucus” effort last week, holding their own “People’s Caucus” in Des Moines and then staging protests at candidate events and “occupying” candidate headquarters as well as the Iowa Democratic Party’s headquarters until police arrived to arrest them for trespassing.

The woman outside Romney’s event last night claimed she had been arrested on four separate occasions trying to speak with candidates.

“At what point do we stop being arrested and start having accessibility to our presidential candidates?” she asked as she was led away. “At what point?”