Matt Strawn, chair of the Republican Party of Iowa, announced Tuesday he’ll leave that post on February 10. Republican Governor Terry Branstad was hoping Strawn would stay on board.

“I’m disappointed because he’s done a great job as Republican state chairman,” Branstad said. “Under his leadership, we beat an incumbent governor for the first time since 1962, we gained a majority in the House with 60 Republicans and picked up six seats in the Senate. He also took the party from being in a financial deficit to being in a strong financial position.”

But, Strawn was widely criticized for his controversial handling of the results from the Iowa Caucuses. Branstad has not been among those critics. “I understand this was a personal decision, but I’m really proud of the job Matt Strawn did and we’re going to miss him,” Branstad said.

Iowa G.O.P. co-chair Bill Schickel will now inherit the chairmanship, at least temporarily. Branstad said he’d be comfortable with the 60-year-old Schickel taking on the job on a more permanent basis. “He’s been the vice-chair, he’s also served in the legislature and he’s the former mayor of Mason City. So, I think he’d be a good choice,” Branstad said.

The Iowa Republican Party’s central committee, according to the party’s bylaws, has 60 days from when a chairman resigns to elect a replacement.