A liberal Super PAC that’s waging a national campaign against Tea Party members in Congress is now setting its sites on Iowa Congressman Steve King. Alec Johnson, director of the “Take Down King Campaign,” met with around 40 people over the weekend at the group’s newly opened headquarters in Ames.

He says they’re targeting King because he voted against the Violence Against Women Act and was the only member of congress to vote against a resolution acknowledging that slaves built the White House. “His views on women are positively stone age,” Johnson said.

“Do his knuckles scrape along the ground when he walks? I mean, really, it’s frightening.” Johnson said they’re planning to make 300,000 phone calls and 10,000 door knocks by November. Members of the anti-Steve King campaign are not, however, endorsing his opponent in the November election.

Susie Petra of Ames said she doesn’t believe Christie Vilsack, a Democrat, is the right person to represent Iowa’s Fourth Congressional District. “I’d like to see huge election reforms so that it’s not only wealthy people and their contacts that we have a choice in electing for our positions and right now, we can choose wealthy person A or wealthy person B, and to me that’s not representative government,” Petra said.

King for Congress communications director Jimmy Centers says the Super PAC consists of “outsiders who have an out-of-touch agenda that supports big government.”