The Des Moines Area Community College baseball team has been declared the winner of a region tournament in Waterloo after Southeastern Community College forfeited their matchup on Sunday. DMACC was leading 12-2 in the ninth inning on Sunday and needed to win the game to set up a rematch on Monday when a Southeastern pitcher in the bullpen was ejected from the game.

DMACC coach Dan Fitzgerald says as the umpires tried to get the pitcher out of the game, the first basemen started talking and a coach came out onto the field to try and get a handle on what was happening. Fitzgerald says the umpire then said the game was  forfeited.

The Iowa Community College Athletic Conference says Southeastern’s decision to forfeit was a violation of national governing rules and DMACC was declared the winner of the tournament without the championship game being contested.

“At that moment my only thought was get these guys on the bus immediately because we’ve got to go eat and get these guys ready to play tomorrow. It was a crazy deal,” Fitzgerald says.

DMACC advances to the North Plains district tournament.

By Ryan Wendt, KWBG, Boone