University of Iowa president, Sally Mason, says the Anheuser Busch beer company will pay $200,000 to the anti-binge drinking campaign at the school as part of a new marketing agreement. The deal has been criticized because of the message it might send about drinking.

But Mason said during an interview on Iowa Public Radio she doesn’t believe the deal sends conflicting messages to students.

“I think we’ve been very consistent in our message, which is: safe, legal, responsible. And I think Anheuaser Busch’s message through this entire campaign has been similar. We don’t allow any of this advertising to be in our arenas, or the stadium, or on campus. So I really don’t have the kind of problem with this that, uh, that you just mentioned,” Mason said.

The deal allows Anheuser Busch to use Iowa’s tigerhawk logo on its merchandise and also brings in several million dollars for the school’s athletic department. Mason did not specify how much money the athletic department would receive from the deal.

The use of the Iowa logo must also include the message “Responsibility Matters.” The $200,000 will be paid to the school over four years.