A state senate candidate in eastern Iowa has dropped out of the race, in order to become a U.S. Senator in a different government known as “The Republic for the united States of America.”

In June, Randi Shannon won the Iowa Republican Party’s nomination to challenge Democratic State Senator Liz Mathis of Robbins in November (this is the website for her state senate campaign), but Shannon has had a change of heart.

“I became aware of the existence of the original ‘Republic for the united States of America’ and found out that they did reinhabit the lawful de jure — what they call the ‘by right of lawful establishment’ — the government, in March of 2010,” she says.

Supporters of this alternative government delivered what they call “warrants” to the governors of all 50 states in 2010, to enact their “Restore America Plan.” Shannon argues they have revived the federal government that was established in 1787, but replaced in 1871 by what she says is an “unlawful corporate democracy.” Shannon has taken the position of U.S. senator from Iowa in The Republic for the united States of America.

“This republic is in the best interests of the people,” she says.

Shannon recently flew to Georgia to meet with others involved in this alternative government and returned to Iowa to end her bid to serve in the state legislature.

“I can’t in good conscience after I knew about the republic and I did the research — which I implore everyone to do, actually go and research and find their own answers, like I did,” she says. “Reach out and speak to other people. Don’t take the existing government’s word for it, because they lie about a lot of things.”

Shannon, who backed Ron Paul’s bid for the White House, has written a statement about joining this alternate government, which you can read here.

The Republican Patty of Iowa referred questions to Don McDowell who works in the office of the Iowa Senate’s Republican leader.

According to McDowell, Shannon’s resignation as the Republican Party’s nominee for a state senate seat will be official by Monday and a nominating convention will be held in Linn County in the next couple of weeks to select a new GOP nominee. 

“Linn County Republicans will be able to select a new candidate who will be able to hit the ground running,” McDowell says. “…It presents a unique opportunity for whomever is nominated to take the battle to Liz Mathis.”

Mathis was just elected to the state senate last November in a special election and must seek reelection to a full, four-year term this November.

“We are confident that no one is better equipped to represent the constituents in District 34 than Liz Mathis,” said Michael Hunt, a spokesman for the Iowa Democratic Party.

(This story was updated at 7:25 p.m.)