Damon Bullock

The one constant the past few years with the Iowa running back position is that things will change.

De’Andre Johnson was dismissed from the team last week after two arrests, continuing a string of running backs who have left the team or have been injured.

Sophomore Damon Bullock opens fall camp listed in the number one spot along with junior Brad Rogers and two freshmen. Bullock says seeing someone dismissed from the team is an eye opener.

“It’s a wake up call, you just basically just want to go in every day knowing that anything can happen. And as long as you keep your head straight and you stay focused, you should be good. That’s what we try to do and try to carry it on to the freshmen as well,” Bullock says.

He says regardless of who is on the roster, you have to do the same thing when it comes to preparing. “Everybody has the same goal, we’re just trying to get better each and every day and get ready for September first,” Bullock says.

Damon Bullock answers questions during media day.

One thing that is different is new offensive coordinator Greg Davis, who comes from Bullock’s home state of Texas.

“I love it, you know coming up here to Iowa you’ve got all of these Iowa accents, and just getting coach Davis to come in…I kind of feel like home,” Bullock explains. “I’m loving it.”

He says Davis’ offense is a lot like what he ran in high school, which is something else he likes.

Jordan Canzeri played in Iowa’s bowl game last season, then injured his knee. Canzeri is trying to recover to get back on the field in the season opener.

“I am hoping that I can actually improve fast enough to be in the first game. I’m just gonna keep working as hard as I can and just try to work my way in as fast as I can,” He says.

Canzeri is not sure how likely it is that he would be ready to play in the first game.  “Anything can really happen, you can always have setback days, you never know when that can come up. So far I’ve been moving ahead fast and going in the good direction, so I’m really happy about that,” Canzeri says.

He says it’s tough to be working hard and not be able to get into the action. “It’s frustrating, but you just always have to look at the positive, you can’t have any negative really stay ahead of your life. Life will get hard, it will throw some tests at you, but you just have to show your good character and pick yourself up,” according to Canzeri.

Freshmen Barkley Hill, who played at Cedar Falls and Greg Garmon, are also listed as potential starters. Freshmen are not allowed to talk with the media. The Hawkeyes open the season at Soldier Field in Chicago against Northern Illinois.