The two incumbent Iowa congressman who are running against one another this November appeared at the Iowa Energy Forum today, but few, if any, policy differences emerged.

Both Democrat Leonard Boswell of Des Moines and Republican Tom Latham of Clive support extending the wind production tax credit, however neither mentioned it during the noon-time event. Afterwards, Latham told reporters he considers wind energy part of an “all of the above” approach.

“That’s part of the overall, comprehensive energy plan that we should have,” Latham said.

Boswell told reporters he is “all for” the tax break.

“I didn’t avoid it,” Boswell said. “I guess it just didn’t come up, for whatever reason.”

Both congressmen said the “grid” that distributes electricity around the country needs to be upgraded and both said the U.S. economy depends upon a reliable energy supply.

When pressed afterwards by reporters to cite a difference between himself and Boswell, Latham cited Boswell’s support for a “cap and trade” process for carbon emissions. Latham said it would have done major damage to Iowa’s economy. Boswell told reporters he had supported an initial version of “cap and trade,” but had expected it would undergo major changes as it moved through congress. The bill died in the U.S. Senate.