Louisiana’s Republican governor led a rally at a Marshalltown elementary school this afternoon — just a few hours before President Obama is scheduled to speak at another school in Marshalltown. 

“Obviously I’m here to highlight the president’s failed economic policies,” Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said during an interview with Radio Iowa.”The reality is that there are 23 million under-employed/unemployed Americans, 42 months in a row unemployment above eight percent despite his promises to bring it below eight percent.”

Jindal defended Mitt Romney’s call for an end to the wind production tax credit.

“What Governor Romney is for is a lower, flatter tax code where you produce not only more power at home from wind and solar, but from nuclear, from oil, from gas — for example, approving the Keystone Pipeline, producing 120,000 jobs; embracing fracking which has already produced 600,000 jobs — and letting them compete, without government picking winners and losers,” Jindal told Radio Iowa.

Jindal, a former member of congress, called Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan a “great choice” to be the GOP’s vice presidential nominee. According to Jindal, Romney’s decision to ask Ryan to be his running mate shows Romney is “serious about governing…and tackling the big problems of our country.” Jindal was among those rumored to be on Romney’s list of potential running mate. Jindal will meet up with Ryan Thursday night at a campaign fundraiser in Virginia.