The reality TV show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” reportedly got higher ratings than the national political conventions a few weeks ago and expectations are equally dismal for Wednesday night’s first presidential debate.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says it’s important that Americans tune in and listen to the most vital issues of our time being discussed by the two men who hope to be living in the White House next year. Grassley disregards those who say the debates are no longer relevant.

“They’re probably more important this year than a lot of years for the reason that I think people obviously know President Obama very well but I don’t think they know very much about (Mitt) Romney as a person,” Grassley says. “I think his persona is pretty much an important part of this campaign.”

Grassley, a Republican, adds that Romney’s policies are just as important, especially when he’s been victim of — in Grassley’s words — “so much negative advertising.” Critics say most people won’t watch the debate because they’ve already decided for whom they’ll be voting in November.

“According to the polls, there’s only a small percentage of the people have made up their minds,” Grassley says. “Yesterday, there was a poll that I saw on cable television that indicated there are people that are lined up with Romney that could still change and there’s a higher percentage of people lined up behind Obama that could still change.”

He says the number of undecided voters at this stage is “surprisingly small” compared to most elections. The debate begins Wednesday at 8 P.M. CST.