“Shipping 20” winners of the $241 million Powerball prize at Iowa Lottery headquarters.

Iowa Lottery officials say lightning has struck twice at the Quaker Oats plant in Cedar Rapids.

You may recall that back in June a group of employees at the Quaker Oats plant who called themselves “The Shipping 20” won the $241 million Powerball Jackpot.

Iowa Lottery officials say a ticket in last Wednesday’s drawing yielded a $10,000 prize for workers at the same plant.

A man from Hiawatha who says he represents a group calling themselves the “Quaker 50” picked up the check for a ticket that matched four of the five winning numbers, plus the “Powerball” number.

The winning ticket in last Wednesday’s $202 million Powerball drawing was sold at a convenience store in Bondurant. Another ticket — worth a million dollars — was sold in Williamsburg. That ticket missed the “Powerball” number, but the other five numbers were correct.