Utility crews from Iowa continue working to help restore the power on the East Coast in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Cedar Falls Utilities customer services manager, Dan Goetz, says it has been a busy time for the four-man crew sent from his operation.

“They are working 16 hour days; they get up in the morning at six and work until 10 o’clock.. “So, it’s a long day. They work every day of the week, no matter what the weather conditions are, they are out working,” Goetz explains. While the days are long and the crews face cold temperatures and mangled power lines, Goetz says the end result is what is important.

“They are restoring service to customers, so that’s a positive,” Goetz says. The Cedar Falls Utilities crew took two large trucks to Long Island, New York, and gets says they are part of some 5,000 line workers in the area assisting with mutual aid.

Other Iowa utilities also have workers out east helping with the recovery.

By Jill Kasparie, KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapids