A federal judge has sentenced a former eastern Iowa police chief to one year of probation for illegal activities involving his gun shop business. Michael Gabriel pled guilty on July 30 to one count of illegally structuring monetary transactions.

He was sentenced this week. Gabriel served as the chief of police in Williamsburg for three decades before retiring in May of 2007. He also ran a business called Gabe’s Gun Shop in Williamsburg. Federal agents raided the business and Gabriel’s home last year and seized over $345,000 in cash.

Agents seized another $117,000 that was in the gun shop’s bank account. Gabriel admitted in federal court that the gun shop’s bank deposits were bundled so no deposit was more than $10,000, avoiding any reporting requirements. While he was sentenced to one year probation and fined $20,000 – he must also forfeit nearly $375,000 to the government.

Gabriel faced the possibility of a half a million dollar fine on the charge and the possibility of up to five years probation. Gabe’s Gun Shop is now run by Michael Gabriel’s sons – Cody and Nick Gabriel.