Republican Governor Terry Branstad is making no secret of his intention to seek a sixth term in 2014, with two big campaign fundraisers in the past two months. This past weekend Branstad had a $600,000 haul at an event in Altoona.

“The most successful fundraiser the Branstad Committee has ever had in history,” Branstad told the crowd last Saturday. “Thank you very much!”

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker helped Branstad raise money in October at a private fundraiser in Cedar Rapids. This past Saturday’s event was open to the press and Branstad sounded like a candidate.

“With this event we’ve turned the page and we look toward the future,” Branstad said. “I’ve always been one that’s learned that you never fight the last battle or look to the last campaign. You look to the future.”

Branstad was Iowa’s youngest governor when he was first elected in 1982 at the age of 36. He turned 66 on November 17 — the day of his fundraiser.

“I’m excited and hopeful about the future,” Branstad said Saturday. “You’ve heard about some of the things that have happened just recently, but we have just begun!”

If Branstad seeks reelection, he would be 68 when sworn in for a sixth term in January of 2015.