A “Grinch” has tried to ruin Christmas for a local hospital and children’s organization in Sioux City. Santa’s House is operated by St. Luke’s Hospital and raises funds by taking pictures of kids with Santa. St. Luke’s spokesperson, Leslie Heying, says somebody broke in Wednesday and burglarized Santa’s House.

“We discovered that a window had been broken out. Santa’s House is located in a high-traffic area of downtown, but someone had broken out a window and stolen a number of merchandise items and things inside,” Heying says. The burglar also took the cameras and equipment that are used to raise funds.

“Santa’s House has been operating for 24 years now and the proceeds from Santa’s House go toward benefiting the Children’s Miracle Network at St. Luke’s, as well as the Sergeant Bluffs Kiwanis and their youth programs,” Heying says. “All of the money that it’s going to take to replace the cameras and other items that were stolen the other night will actually come out of the proceeds.”

Heying says they’ve already had some help with donations as they’ve replaced the camera equipment. Sioux City police are investigating to try and find the thief of thieves.

By Woody Gottburg, KSCJ, Sioux City