Iowans are running out of time to ship presents so they’ll arrive at their destination in time for Christmas.

Cordell Golden, with FedEx, says today is the deadline for shipping via FedEx Ground, the most economical way of shipping through the global delivery service company. “For late shoppers, Saturday (December 22) is the last day to ship FedEx Express,” Golden says. “In both cases, we’ll get your packages to their destinations prior to Christmas.”

Customers can visit a FedEx office and pay for help with packing their presents. Golden says those who choose to save a few bucks and do it themselves should make sure to securely wrap the item or items in the box to prevent any damage during shipment.

“We ask that you use bubble wrap or densely packed shredded paper, avoid newspaper as it’s heavy and adds extra weight to the shipment,” Golden says. The box should also be sealed with packing tape.

Today is expected to be the U.S. Postal Service’s busiest mail sorting day of the year, but FedEx’s busiest day was one week ago. On December 10, FedEx moved more than 19 million shipments, according to Golden. It marked the busiest day in the company’s history — topping December 12, 2011 when FedEx moved 17.2 million shipments.

FedEx is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee.