The Iowa Supreme Court says a lawsuit can move forward against a man who wrote a book critical of his ex-wife, but upheld the dismissal of the suit against the publisher. Scott Weier wrote the 253-page memoir “Mind, Body and Soul” about his life, and in 2008 paid Author Solutions Incorporated just over $3,000 to publish 250 copies of the book.

The book detailed his own problems and his relationship with God. It also criticized his ex-wife Beth for a number of things. In one passage he alleged that Beth’s father, Gail Bierman, molested her as a child and that she suffered from either bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder as a result.

Scott distributed twenty to thirty of his 250 copies of the book to friends, family, and businesses in the Clear Lake area. ASI sold three copies of the book on its own website, and one was sold through The rest of the books remain stored in his parents’ basement.

On February 24, 2009, Beth and Gail sued in the Polk County District Court alleging libel, invasion of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The Iowa Supreme Court dismissed the case against ASI — saying ASI is protected as a media organization.

The high court upheld the district court’s decision that the case against Scott can go to trial and sent it back to the district court for further action.

See the complete ruling here: Weier Book PDF