An Iowa Falls woman is facing charges after authorities say she lied about having terminal cancer. Story County Sheriff Paul Fitzgerald says 37-year-old Heidi Denio claimed to have cancer and profited from a benefit event she helped organize.

The benefit on March 4, 2012 in Zearing raised just under $51,000. The sheriff’s office launched an investigation after receiving anonymous tips.

“During the course of the year-long investigation, it was revealed that Denio’s claims to have cancer were false and she forged a doctor’s signature on a letter trying to back up her false claims,” Fitzgerald said.

Denio is facing felony charges of theft and ongoing criminal conduct Fitzgerald says the ongoing criminal conduct charge is based on accusations that Denio continued to collect donations “to support her fictitious medical condition” after the benefit event. Denio’s also charged with forgery, an aggravated misdemeanor.