A 28-year-old Newton man will serve five days in jail for taking an infant into near-freezing temperatures without proper clothing. James Allen Bonnett pled guilty to child endangerment and possession of a prescription drug without a prescription. Another 175 days of jail time was suspended and Bonnett will have to serve two years probation, pay $750 in fines and $250 in surcharges.

Newton police say they were called to the Sunrise Terrace Mobile Home Park around 8:30 on the morning of December fourth by the eight-month-old child’s mother. She told officers she had tried to keep Bonnett from taking the infant outside. The Newton man admitted the before he went outside with the child he had taken 18 pills of over-the-counter cold medicine in an attempt to get high.

Authorities say a search of Bonnett’s mobile home turned up Abilify pills, which Bonnett did not have a prescription for.

By, Randy Van, KCOB, Newton