Nebraska football coach Bo Pelini says he is happy at Nebraska and believes the Huskers have great fans. Pelini made the comments on the Big Ten teleconference a day after the release of a nearly two year old audio recording of a profanity filled tirade in which Pelini criticized “fair weather” fans. “Obviously it wasn’t representative of how I feel. It was a difficult time and I vented in a situation where I thought it was a private conversation and I’m sorry,” Pelini explains. “I’m sorry….anybody that that offended, it was never meant to be public,” Pelini explains.

Pelini made the comments after Nebraska rallied to defeat Ohio State in 2011. “I do believe we have great fans. I respect them, I respect them for who they are. I’ve said it over and over since I have been here, we have great fans,” Pelini says. “But, I am human like anybody else. You says things in an emotional moment, like anybody else you are human, you make mistakes, you apologize for your mistakes and you move on.”

Pelini says the perception that he is unhappy at Nebraska is false. He says he’shad opportunities to leave Nebraska and says the fact that he hasn’t left shows that. Pelini says his family enjoys Nebraska and he has had a good experience and has great support at the school.