Iowa offensive coordinator Greg Davis says he has been pleased with how sophomore quarterback Jake Rudock is making plays under pressure. At the midway point of the season Rudock has eight touchdown passes and has rushed for five more in the Hawkeyes’ 4-2 start.

Davis cites their first drive the other day where Rudock made 3 of his 4 completions where the blitz was coming and he hit the hot receivers. “Pleased with the ability to make plays with his feet, he’s picked up several first downs. When you look at our third-down conversions, we are much better than we were last year at this time, and part of the reason is his ability to make plays with his feet,” Davis says.

Davis says as Rudock gains more experience he is becoming a team leader. “I tell the quarterbacks all the time it has to be natural,” Davis says. He says he’s had quarterbacks who said things you can’t repeat on Sunday, and that was their way. He says Rudock is not like that, but will do things his way.

Davis says it takes time for a new quarterback to develop leadership skills. “Until you’re the quarterback, it’s hard for that to happen,” Davis explains. He says through spring and fall camps before he was the starter not as much of Rudock’s personality came out, but that is now changing.

Davis says the Iowa offense has made strides this season in part because of added depth in the receiving corps. He says he didn’t even know what Mathew Vandenburg looked like last year, and this year he has done a good job. Davis says they have more guys than they can play, which he says is a good thing.

Iowa is off until an October 19th visit to fourth ranked Ohio State.