Governor Terry Branstad says the state is responding after learning of Tyson’s decision to close its plant in Cherokee. “Workforce Development will send a team up there to work with the community. Obviously this is a disappointment, as I understand it, this is a chicken processing facility owned by Tyson and one of three they are closing throughout the nation,” Branstad says.

The plant employees 450 people and will close on September 27th. “We want to do all we can to try and help the workers who are gonna be displaced and to try to help the community to try to find new employment opportunities for them,” Branstad says.

He says Workforce Development has a variety of options for those who will lose their jobs. “Looking at retraining and other placement opportunities,” Branstad says, “but also, Economic Development will be actively marketing looking for businesses to replace the one that’s being lost.”

A prepared statement released by Tyson says the Cherokee plant is being closed along with one in New York and another in New Mexico. The statement said the plans “have been struggling financially” and “it no longer makes business sense to keep them open.”