Iowa State University students on the way to class. (ISU photo)

Iowa State University students on the way to class. (ISU photo)

Iowa State University has record-high enrollment of more than 34,000 students for the fall semester, which starts next week.

Annette Hacker, a spokeswoman for the university, says ISU officials have leased additional living space off-campus for over 1,000 students because the residence halls are jam-packed, with some students living in the dens in the dorms.

“They’re nice big spaces, which students like, but ideally when spring semester comes we want to relocate those students to permanent spaces so that we can again use the dens for community gatherings within the residence halls, because that community space is important, too,” Hacker says. Almost 12,500 students have signed up to live in the university’s residence halls.

The university is also allowing food trucks on campus. “This is the second year we’ve had food trucks on campus. We had three last year and we have some returning and then a couple of new ones, for a total of five trucks,” Hacker says. “This is to supplement our more than 20 eateries and cafes and dining centers on campus that ISU Dining runs.” The food trucks aren’t just for students, though, as the food is available to whomever is on campus and can pay cash or credit.

The University of Iowa’s enrollment is expected to be among the largest in history, but officials say it won’t set a record. First-year students, along with those transferring to the University of Iowa, are invited to a “Kickoff at Kinnick” event this evening at 7:30. Students will gather in the stadium, learn about Hawkeye traditions and pose for a mass picture of the Class of 2018. The event, which will include faculty and staff, will end with fireworks at about 9:30.

Enrollment projections from the University of Northern Iowa are not available. Last fall over 12,000 students were enrolled at UNI.