There’s just a little more than one week left for those who have been putting off filing their tax returns for 2013. “If you asked for an extension of time to file this year’s tax return, the IRS just wants to remind you that time is running out to get it done. Under the law, you have until October 15th to file a tax return if you asked for an extension this year,” according to IRS spokesman, Christopher Miller.

If you haven’t filed that return yet, you are not alone. “In Iowa there are about 54,000 people who asked for an extension to file their taxes,” Millers says. “Interestingly, across the country nearly a quarter of the people who asked for an extension still have not filed their return. So, it’s a good time to remind people that time is running out.”

Miller says there’s a host of reasons people are so far behind on paying their taxes. “Often it’s simply because they don’t have the records, or the data, or the paperwork together that will support the deductions that they intend to claim,” Miller says. Miller says those who haven’t filed the returns yet are not getting away without paying what they owe.

“An extension of time to file your taxes is not an extension of time to pay your taxes. So, for folks that did request and extension, hopefully if they did owe taxes, they paid as much as they are able to so they an avoid further interest and penalties,” according to Miller. If you still need information to file your taxes, got to: