Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker says he’ll raise enough money to pay off the debt from the presidential campaign he ended in September.

“The next report will show that we’ll be more than able to adjust for anything that’s left over,” Walker said this morning during an event in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Records released Thursday show Walker raised about $7.5 million during his 71-day run for the White House. He spent all but $900,000 that, plus there was about $2 million in outstanding debt. Walker said he’ll settle all those bills, starting with reimbursing Wisconsin taxpayers for security expenses.

“Just as they have been in the past,” Walker said. “But beyond that, we’ll show in our next report how all of our expenses will be paid.”

Walker had 84 people on the payroll when he ended his campaign September 21. His communications director was making $18,000 a month and Walker’s political director was being paid $22,000 monthly, according to records filed with the Federal Elections Commission. Walker’s children planned to take time off from college and they were being paid, too. Their monthly stipends were more than $1500 each.

Rick Santorum’s campaign has rented the office space in Urbandale that Walker had been using as his Iowa headquarters.