Police-lightsPolice have released more details about an “active shooter” incident Monday in the Quad Cities. A man now identified as 40-year-old Robert Mayes II of Coal Valley, Illinois, opened fire inside a law office in Davenport a little before 2 p.m.

Several shots were fired. No one was hit although there were some minor injuries. Cops arrived within three minutes but the shooter was gone. Minutes later, Bettendorf police were called to the parking lot of a business where they saw Mayes with a gun in his hand. When he saw the officers, Mayes shot himself in the head and died.

Bettendorf police say the incidents were related to an ongoing domestic issue between Mayes and his estranged wife. They say he was looking for his wife at the Davenport office where she is employed, and a man at his place of employment in Bettendorf.

(Reporting by Phil Roberts, Davenport)